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Swarovski Fall-Winter Collection, 2014 Tech Lead

Campaign hosted inside the .com site, featuring the Fall Winter Collection. My first Tech Lead role, assuring through a detailed interactive prototype and specification, that the site would meet the requirements from our team and the brief, which had a strong focus on performance. Development was done by a third-party agency in Germany and the final code implemented by the Swarovski team in Switzerland.

The biggest challenge was to create a lightweight single-page (part of the requirements) featuring around 50 products, backstage photos and videos, that could be updated throughout the season in a low cost way. The solution was to build the page in modules, host videos on Youtube, load images below the fold on scroll, keep animations simple, to name a few.

Swarovski Fall-Winter Collection, 2014 See complete wireframe
LIDL Grillimaisteri, 2014 Frontend Development

Frontend development for LIDLs summer campaign in Finland, in collaboration with Hasan & Partners. The design is responsive, and works across all devices. CMS built with Symfony (Twig as templating system).

LIDL Grillimaisteri, 2014
Swarovski 'Tropical Paradise', 2013 Creative Development

One page campaign's website for the international launch of Swarovski's Spring Summer Collection 2013. Responsible for frontend development and part of the creative process, building interactive prototypes. The most challenging part was to make the model dress different clothes using the vertical scroll, solved with a fixed background and some javascript magic.

Swarovski 'Tropical Paradise', 2013 Swarovski 'Tropical Paradise', 2013
Converse EMEA Brand Sites, 2013 Frontend Development

Brand platform for in a range of European Markets, from Benelux to Germany. Frontend lead and developer, this site was challenging in terms of adapting its interactivity across devices, specially the expand/contracting grid, requiring custom build solutions.

Converse EMEA, 2013
The Metropole Orchestra: Tweetphony, 2012 Frontend Development

Tweetphony is a symphony crafted entirely by tweets based on letters associated with music notes, and compiled from the best and most interesting tweets submitted via the campaign site, which features a digital piano interface.

Won a Webby Award in 2013, Entertainment Category.

Read more about the project at Perfect Fools.

The Metropole Orchestra: Tweetphony, 2012 The Metropole Orchestra: Tweetphony, 2012
Swarovski Kindgdom of Jewels, 2012 Creative Development

An one month global campaign, during September 2012, where Swarovski brought the ‘Kingdom of Jewels‘ to women in 15 cities, from Sao Paulo to Shanghai, celebrating the brand’s Fall/Winter collection.

I've worked on the creative debrief, created the user experience together with the Art Director Viktor Wätterbäck from Perfect Fools and developed with love every pixel from desktop to mobile. This project made me proud and it is a good example of how a strong and integrated team can push the bar. Unfortunately, as it was a one month campaign, it is no longer live.

Open interactive prototype

Swarovski Kindgdom of Jewels, 2012 Swarovski Kindgdom of Jewels, 2012
Swarovski Sparkling Valentines, 2012 Creative Development

An one-click Facebook application, that generates a custom-made personal add showing your most sparkling self. Additionaly, you could choose between 3 moods: Romantic, Adventurous and Funny

Besides being responsible for frontend development, I am proud to say I put in use years of reading horoscopes, and created a clever system that matched birthdays with facebook user information, to generate a description that would most probably match the users personality. And it worked!

Swarovski Sparkling Valentines, 2012
World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki: Kauko installation, 2012 Creative Development

When the City of Helsinki was elected ‘World Design Capital‘ for 2012, they invited hasan & partners and Perfect Fools to help attract attention to Helsinki as a design center by spreading the word about the importance of design.

We then created Kauko (Finnish for "remote control"): "A seemingly normal café serving normal coffee, but with an important twist – its furniture, service and atmosphere can be remotely controlled via a website in real time.

For this project, I've worked together with the design team on the UX Design and developed Perfect Fools first responsive website. I had just returned from Frontend 2011 Conference in Oslo, highly inspired by a massive amount of talk about Responsive Design, which was quite new at that time. I must admit I was quite happy to be able to put it in practice and at the same time, in a very unusual way, turning a website into a mobile remote control!

Kauko won a few awards:
Gold in Guldägget Sweden 2013
3 shortslist in Cannes Lions 2012
The FWA Site of the Day
Cresta Silver
Epica Silver
Digital Marcom gold
also featured on TIME website and reported by BBC.

Read more about the project at Perfect Fools.

Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012 Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012 Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012 Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012 Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012 Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012 Kauko: Remote control design in real time, 2012
Bahco World, 2011 Frontend Development

Responsible for the frontend development of the professional toolmaker brand Bacho's social media hub, Bacho World.

Bahco World, 2011
Converse Benelux, 2010 Frontend Development

Drupal theme development for the Converse Brand European market. Main challenge was to integrate the new Drupal site to the Wordpress Blog, in a seamlessly way for the user. The google maps was also fully customized to meet the design requirements - quite innovative for 2010!

Converse Benelux, 2010 Converse Benelux, 2010 Converse Benelux, 2010 Converse Benelux, 2010
Hur vill du jobba imorgon, 2010 Frontend Development

Work done during my internship, created by Ester Stockholm and Perfect Fools. A campaign site for Unionen (Swedish Workers Union), that uses distorted text-to-speech voices and a selection of pre-filmed character silhouettes and backgrounds to create unique videos from each visitor’s own story.

Hur vill du jobba imorgon, 2010 Hur vill du jobba imorgon, 2010
Cloudania, 2010 Production team, wireframes

Cloudania is a nation created by my class, Interact Art Director 2010, at Hyper Island, as a way to communicate between ourselves and with others. There were many people involved in this project, from concept to promotion. I´ve participated in the Production Team, involved in the final concept, the wireframes for the website and a bit of coding.

Cloudania, 2010
Kinorurik, 2010 Frontend/Backend Developer

Joomla template and theme development for the Russian Movie Festival´s website, Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden. Interface Design by Natasha Ehlén.

Kinorurik, 2010